giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Legend Of Grimrock Level 9 - Pillared Hallway Solution

Legend of Grimrock is wonderful and full of quiz..

The one at level 9, where you can read "Pillared Hallway" is an annoying one..

If you take a look in the "Holy Scriptures" room, you will find a scroll with an odd set of directions: "two times left She slithers, once right, once left, three times right and twice more is left. This She repeats twice." and this is the solution of this puzzle.

If you like, the solution in this video too:

Happy clawing! ;)

domenica 22 aprile 2012

Diablo 3: cheapest way to buy or pre-order it

Edit, new cheapest item from amazon:

From what I can see online, at this moment, the cheapest way to buy Diablo 3 is from amazon-UK, at least for european players.
Here the link.

 I will update this post if I find any other cheapest way.

venerdì 20 aprile 2012

Legend of Grimrock: videos and solutions

Here a list of videos about all levels of legend of Grimrock! Legend of Grimrock is a new rpg doungeon clawing with a great flavor of old school rpg!

Level 1: Into the Dark

Level 2: Old Tunnels

Level 3: Pillars of Light

Level 4: Archives

Level 5: Hallways

Level 6: Trapped

Level 7: Ancient Chambers

Level 8: The Vault

Goromorg Temple 1

Diablo 3 beta Error 12, This account does not have a Diablo III license attached to it

Diablo 3 open beta starts today and will end Sunday!!

If you get this error while log in "This account does not have a Diablo III license attached to it. (Error 12)" you probably need to check your downloader client or your options!

Check if you have downloaded the correct client: European, or American

Then, once installed, go to "Options" in the log in page, go to "Account" tab, and check your "server region selection": you have to select "america" because this is the only place where the beta is live.

Happy beta!!